Is an architectural designer an architect?

While an architect is a licensed design professional, an architectural designer is not. An architectural designer is one step below an architect when it comes to experience. Before an architect approves AREs and obtains their license, she is an architectural designer. An architectural designer is a term that is informally used to encompass all members of the residential architecture industry.

It can be used to describe architects and architectural technologists, as well as those who are not qualified. Architecture is the general practice of designing structures, from initial designs to the construction process. Design for architecture is strictly the design aspect of the process. An architectural technologist will be part of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and the training will focus more on the science behind the architecture, design and construction process.

If you like a construction company, decide if they have a dedicated design team or if they hire one designer per project. We hope you enjoyed learning about the differences and similarities between the roles of architects and architectural designers. The fact that an architect is a licensed design professional (and is legally responsible for her actions) is the main difference between her and other design professionals. Through this simplified form of communication, conflicts between the parties are eliminated, as is mediation from the designer to the builder.

Architectural designers, on the other hand, are not required to study ARE, since they focus solely on the aspect of architectural design. Understand what that professional will bring to your project in terms of experience, design skills, knowledge and value. First, design, supply and construction represent a greater risk because designers and builders have no contractual obligation to each other. If you need some inspiration for your project or want a real design change, an architect will be the best place to go.

We cover the different types of architectural professionals, including architects, architectural designers and architectural technologists, so you know who will be best suited for your renovation. In addition, an architect is called an architectural designer before passing all the exams and obtaining the license. You need to assess how complex your project is, how important the design is to you, how complicated the approval process is, and your own knowledge and capabilities. That's not to say they aren't creative and there are many who can help with the design aspect of your renovation project.

Thanks to the extensive practical experience offered by architectural schools, new architects work in firms on real projects and learn what to do to build magnificent buildings. If you are planning an extension, conversion of a loft or garage, or have a clear design brief, an architectural technologist can make all the plans and complete the project for you.